Monday, October 7, 2013

Run like a caveman

Over at Exploding Unicorn, James made a brilliant discovery to garner a lot of hits to his website; he wrote a small piece about the Paleo diet.  I have never seen so many comments to one post of his, so I figured I'd troll the Paleo runners with my own version of Run Like a Caveman.  Soon, all the irate sub-human runners will be attacking my blog and demanding that I delete this offensive post!

I'll be famous!  I'm sure NBC, CBS, ABC, and all the old timey media will want me to skype into their lame news shows and give my reasons why running like a caveman is overrated.  I mean, I'm pretty sure I look sub-human when I run, but I'm not actually a caveman.  So, I suppose, you could say that I'm ironically mocking a hunched over Paleo-person just by shambling along like I do.

Anyways, if I really wanted to practice running like a caveman, I'd have to get a velociraptor or a T-rex to chase me first.  I'm sure I'd run faster at least...maybe there's something to that...


Schedule 2 @ 11:00
  1 @ 8:45
  1 @ 11:00
  2X1/4 in 2
400 recovery after each interval

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