Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 4: 9-11 miles easy to moderate pace

*I stopped at 5 miles to switch machines as there is a 1 hour limit hard coded into the machine. I took the opportunity to fill up my water bottle, switch sweat towels, and stretch a bit.

**I quit at 9.25 miles; made it half way down stairs before remembering to wipe down my machine. I went back up stairs, grabbed the paper towels and cleaner, and walked back to my machine. I then psyched myself up to run .75 miles at the previous pace. Yay, 10 miles...

Ok, so, it's hot here in Indiana...again. And, I have a commitment tonight. And the NASCAR race is on tonight. So, run in the morning or run at the gym...hmmmm. Well, I decided to treadmill it as you can see.

Looking back at my long runs, as of late, this qualifies as my fastest. I'd feel a lot better about it if I hadn't quit early and then gotten back on the horse. Of course, the schedule calls for 9-11, so I could have justified 9.25, but being me, I just couldn't leave well enough alone...

29 miles for the week! Next week will be a short week; I'll do 9 on Monday, an easy 5 on Wednesday, and then three 5K's on Saturday. I'm hoping to break 27 minutes for my first one and keep the rest of them under 30 minutes.

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