Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2: Changed due to race!

So, no fartleks. And no run on Friday. And three 5K's on Saturday: one at 8 AM, one at 9 AM, and one at 10 AM.

The first 5K will show me what kind of speed I've been able to train; I'm hoping to break 27 minutes. The last 5K will show me what kind of condition I'm in; I'm hoping to keep it (and the 2nd one) under 30 minutes.

I'll be drinking plenty of fluids. I'll GU between races. And I think I'll sit in my car with the A/C on between races - depends on how hot it is. In any event, I'll probably bring a cooler full of ice with water and Gatorade.

A little note on Monday's run: it appears that I may have over done it in regards to the heat and humidity and suffered a mild form of heat exhaustion. I had to take yesterday off due to being wiped out.

I made sure to take it really easy today with that in mind; I think being outside also helped in that I had a constant breeze to cool me off. That little fan on the treadmill just can't do the job...I'll probably have to bring in my own 50' swamp cooler and figure out some way to hook it into the treadmill electronics.

Oh, yeah, and do that without raising the suspicion of any of the staff....<.<....>.>....

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