Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Hellfire and Back

I finally got the achievement yesterday on my Pally.

For the Horde side, this achieve requires that you do 86 quests in Hellfire Peninsula. Now, I don't like world PvP, so that eliminated one quest right off the bat. I also wasn't high enough level for the Shattered Halls quests. And I think I had to be better than Neutral with the Mag'har to get their two quests.

In the end, though, there were exactly 86 quests that I could do. The last one depended on killing a named arakkoa and getting a quest starter drop. If you didn't know about the drop and subsequent quest, then you'd end up waiting to 68 or so to finish the area, if you could even find a group for Shattered Halls. Good luck with that!

I ended up dinging 64 before it was all finished and am about halfway through that level as I start on Zangarmarsh. Now the quest requirements for the achieve in this area is only 50 something, so I may yet see Terokkar. We'll just have to see...

In other news, I decided to kill Scarlet Archmages on my DK until one of them coughed up the Crusader enchantment. I think I spent about a half an hour killing Scarlet dudes and finally, one of them dropped it. I listed on the AH for 2,900 gold, which was just under the only other one on there. Hopefully it sells; I need me some epic flying!

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