Monday, May 16, 2011

Leveling through...questing???

I'm glad that I did a little synopsis of where my toons were on Thursday, because I had some issues:

1. I like to craft as many items that I can for my other professions, and Daxea is coming up on needing the next Enchanting rod.

2. My Blacksmith is my paladin, Daxynn, who was 42 on Thursday. I needed to level her in order to get my BS up to where I could make that rod.

3. I like the Protection spec for Pallies, but I don't really like tanking. I can, but it stresses me out. So, I've been putting off leveling Daxynn because I didn't want to tank.

Then I had a brilliant idea: I could quest! (add as much sarcasm and shock as you like.)

It seems that in all the LFG changes, I'd lost sight of how we used to level. I had quested so much before LFG, that I really didn't want to level that way ever again. Oh, and instances are much faster to level in and provide better loot.

But, with the huge changes and revamping that Cata brought to Oldlands, I figured I'd start with Western Plaguelands (an area I hadn't quested much in before anyways) and see how it went. In short it went very well, as Daxynn is now level 59!

Blizz has done a nice job of incorporating more varied quests into the leveling process. It was a lot of fun to see the phasing in WP, blow away Troggs with a cannon in Badlands, punch goats in Badlands, ride a dragon in Burning Steppes while burning up the bad guys, and get shot from a cannon several times in Swamp of Sorrows.

I guess, there are actually story lines in WoW...who'd have thought! It also helps that Blizzard also added the zone quest completion achievements; I got achieves for WP, EP, Badlands, Burning Steppes, and Swamp of Sorrows. Of course, as soon as I dinged 58, I bolted for Outlands.

So, questing, for at least my pally, is the new thing! Now that I'm in Outlands, it will be neat to do those quests again; I'll probably do Ramps and Blood Furnace once each just for the quests, but mostly, I'll be sticking with the solo work.

And in one more level...flying!

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