Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who dat Troll?

Why it's Rysteranch, my very first character! He got out and about yesterday with his brand new level 60 ape named....Deathrender! (Jay wasn't so amused....).

So, DR the PooFlinger dinged 4 levels and Rysteranch dinged one level tearin' up Terokkar. Two more levels to Northrend! Yay! And all of this level is rest XP too!

This weekend, my wife and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary (on the 29th) by heading up north on Friday to go to some appts, do some shopping, and eat (probably at Mitchell's....mmmmmm.....Mitchell's.....).

Then, we'll be headed downtown to check in at the Canterbury for the evening; we've never stayed there before, but it looks really nice!

After a nap, we'll be headed out to Shula's for dinner. Once again, we've never been to this place either, but have heard nothing but good things about it.

And finally, we hope to make it out to Dance Master's studio for their Island Evening dance to get a little group lesson and do some dancing! I'd really like to try out our new dance, even if we only know two moves! TANGO!!! WOOT!!

Some time on Saturday, we'll return home. And, no, there will not be a laptop accompanying us on this little mini-vacation. So, no posting, no WoW, but lots of fun!

18 years!!! WoooooT!


Robin said...

Congrats on 18 Years! I hope you guys have a special weekend :)

Deathrender said...

You do know sir that this means war right?