Monday, March 2, 2009

Moves...I haz dem

On Saturday, my wife and I had our first private dance lesson with Dawn. I was a little leery because she can be a bit over the top (and that's my job!), but my fears were pretty much unfounded as she was very professional.

Hopefully if she ever reads this, she won't take that as a slam. I've been in her shoes before - the wild 'n crazy personality that's a lot of fun, but can overdo it in a heartbeat. Eventually, as I matured, I found other outlets for the craziness without going over the top...most of the time. My wife has really helped me in this area.

Anyways, we got an initial evaluation so she knew where we were, and then she taught a new move for the Rumba. And, oh what a move it is!

The move centers around us walking in a circle at arm's distance while looking at each other. No, I don't know the name of the move (I'll see if I remember to ask). The move ends with me turning my wife in a pivot turn and going back into the basic step. It really is a cool move and adds to my idea of the Rumba being a dance of luuuuuuve...

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