Monday, March 9, 2009

One of these days...

...I really have to learn some self control.

Yes, if you didn't notice my list of toons, I moved three toons over to Suramar to play with Jay and Robin.

And, no, I didn't tell my wife.

And, yes, our credit card was declined at Kroger.

And, no, we didn't know why.

And, yes, my wife called the CC company.

And, no, she didn't know what the extra charges to Blizzard were for.

And, yes....I was in deep doo doo....


I guess our credit card usage flagged it for fraud alert. Thanks guys! I wasn't quite prepared to tell my wife of my expenditure, but I was ratted out by the Safety People. /sigh.

So, I have four toons on Suramar now:
Rysteranch, 65 Troll Beastmaster Hunter
Daxea, 41 Blood Elf Holy Priest (the former Pox toon)
Daxen, 33 Blood Elf Beastmaster Hunter
Daxynn, 20 Blood Elf Prot Pally (started on Friday)

Deathrender boosted Daxynn through RFC and WC a couple of runs, and Rysteranch boosted Feudkiller through SM. Right now, I'm focused on catching Daxynn up to Feudkiller so we can smash through some stuff together.

Also, this weekend, our Pox outing was a bust; one of our members slept through his alarm. No biggie, we'll just have to get rollin' next week.

And finally, I have jury duty on Wednesday; I'm hoping that I won't get picked for a jury. I might have to pick up one of Ann Coulter's books to help with that....either that or wear my "They wouldn't be here if they weren't guilty" tee shirt.


Deathrender said...

Should have moved one toon at a time ya putz! /facepalm

Anonymous said...

We could bake her delicious cupcakes...

Daxenos said...

She is immune to cupcakes.

Now, Indian food....that's a different story. I need to throw some of that on the dinner schedule...