Monday, March 2, 2009

Regarding tupperwear underwear...

Nothing. Just thought I'd see what that title dredges up with the search engines.

Over the weekend, I played my little pally a bit; Daxynn is up to 38 now. I did quite a lot of mining/herbing for the Pox crew and dinged a couple of Exploration achievements along the way.

I also did some tanking. Now, I should have known better than to start Uldaman at 9 pm, on a Sunday, when 10 pm is my bed time. It turns out that it wasn't an issue. I did, however, have to drop the PuG after the second boss due to Blood for Blood needing Dwarfvader's help.

I got a lot of grief for it from my fellow PuGgers. I'm not saying that it wasn't deserved either. I mean, I'd hope (and probably expect) people to continue once the group is formed with possible drops coming from excessive wipes, poor tanking/healing/DPS, or unworkable group mechanics. Oh, and ninjas.

When I got the whisper from one of our guild co-leaders to help out, I explained to the group that I had to go help my guild. After the expected lashback, I also explained that my priority lies with my guild and that I was sorry I couldn't continue. I didn't wait to see the reaction and logged.

I only bring this up because there are several things at play in making this decision, and I didn't take dropping group lightly. I guess I chose to honor the long term commitment (guild) over a short term commitment (PuG), and while the PuGgers rightly feel slighted and I feel bad that I couldn't continue, the reality is that I need to make sure my relationship with my guildies is in line with being in the guild.

Could I have remained in the PuG? Sure. Would it have destroyed my relationships or place in the guild? I'd hope not. So why not tell the guild no? For good or for ill, I've chosen to ally myself with Blood for Blood, and in my mind, that means I have a commitment to help them out when my real life permits.

So, if Daxynn doesn't get any more's my guild's fault! haha.

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Jason said...

It's mid-level pugging. Who cares. They aren't going to understand that a guild comes before a pug. They will in time but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Give it a week and unless those 4 are weird psycho people, they won't even remember your name. The bottom line is that it's a game and therefore, you should feel free to abandon one group for another should the need arise.

And to be honest, it's not like you are bailing on groups left and right.