Friday, March 13, 2009

Does Not Play with Others

So, last night, I did something that I've never done before: Blew off the raid.

I didn't even log into my Alliance toons last night to let people know I wasn't going to go. That was a mistake. I should have at least had the decency to log in and tell the raid leader, but I took the chicken poop way out. Not good.

What I chose to do instead was level my BE Pally. I got three levels last night to 27 as well as got Blacksmithing up over 150. I also found out how overpowered Pallies are.

At level 26, I was able to take on two level 30's. I was also able to take on a level 30 and a level 32 at the same time! Oh, and live, of course.

I also have a new found hatred of runners. I can't wait for my Judgment of You Can't Run.

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