Friday, March 6, 2009


That's the word to describe my feelings about last night raid. Allow me to reiterate what I expect from a raid.

Everyone is on time. 7 pm start time means a mob is being pulled at 7 pm.

Everyone is buffed before start time, including food, class, personal, and mage table.

Once started, afk's should be kept to a minimum and grouped together for more efficiency if possible.

Everyone should know what is an upgrade and what they might be hoping for from a boss.

Keep....the raid....moving! Some of us have a very limited amount of time to devote to this particular endeavor.

So, last night's raid was Naxx10. I was hoping we could clear at least three wings and possibly half or more of the fourth. From last week's raid, I didn't figure my expectations were too high.


From the get go, we had issues. Some of the things were understandable: Teurion was 15 minutes late due to RL stuff, VA was not feeling well enough to heal, our DPS warrior had to go afk to care for his wife. No problem.

However, even after Teurion showed up, we still had people who were MIA. In fact, while we knew we'd have to scrounge up a DPS, our OT didn't even show his face. So, it's 8 pm by the time we get our crap together.

We then proceeded to spend an hour and 15 minutes on the Military quarter that included only one wipe. An hour....and fifteen minutes..../sigh.

What is more aggravating is that we went to the Arachnid quarter and got the Arachnophobia achievement, which is killing the first and last bosses within 20 minutes of each other. After loot distribution, it was almost 10, so I logged.

So, why so long? I think the overriding factor was that Teurion was not Raid Leader. See, when he's Raid Leader, he keeps the raid moving. It's not that he always chain pulls, which he does a fair amount, but rather it's the "Herding Cats" attitude that he takes. He keeps pushing...moving...pulling...if someone needs to afk, he'll pull without them if he has a healer. There is an urgency in his leading, and we, as raiders, pick up on it and respond accordingly.

And that's what I want in a raid. Last night, I felt like a lot of my time was wasted (and it was!) waiting on other people. I fail to see how hard it is to be prepared for a raid! We all know when it starts, what day it's scheduled, what we need to fulfill our role. What's the freaking problem, people???

(Oh, dear, I'm buildin' up a head of steam....)

I thought that Blood for Blood was a raiding guild. Sure, it's not a hardcore raiding guild where you get kicked for missing an application of Serpent Sting, but still, it's a raiding guild. So, it's disappointing that we can't seem to show up on time and clear the content in a timely fashion. We are more than capable; it just seems that the will to do so is lacking.

I'm not really excited about tonight's run, especially if it includes more of the same from last night.

I'd better stop now...and for the people in B4B who might read this, let's get our crap together!


Deathrender said...

Wow dude, that sounds like a train wreck.. :( Any quarter lasting over an hour is pure fail..even with a wipe or two..

Maybe it's time to shop around for a new guild? I mean, I can imagine this doesn't help your situation that you posted about previously about the game losing it's luster..

Daxenos said...

What's so frustrating is knowing that our 10 man group CAN perform better....and for whatever reason, don't.

Anonymous said...

You should come to our server. We have Cupcakes. :)
I can tell you stories of the guild that I used to be in and how it would take 4 hours to do STRAT, Pre BC ;P

Deathrender said...

And pie! Sadly honey, he's evil Alliance.. <.<

She is right though, Suramar does have some quality Alliance and Horde raiding guilds. Might be worth looking into, or maybe not.

Overall dude, I hope things get better for you. Don't know what else you could do other than voice your concerns to the officers and GM and see if anything comes of it..

Amava said...

Three things that really make a raid go smoothly in my mind:

1) Start on time. My TBC guild routinely started pulling between 20-45 minutes after scheduled start time. It was awful, and sorry to say, as Raid Leader, I was one of the key people to blame for it :-( My WotLK guild starts pulling no later than 5 minutes after schedule, which really makes a big difference to the tone of the evening. We used to lose so much focus during that wasted down time.

2) Aggressive tanks. Tanks who can assess healer mana levels and and push the pace. There's no reason to waste time between trash pulls as long as you've got healers with mana and no silly debuffs like those nature DoTs that you get from the gargoyles before Noth. My favorite 5-man, 10-man, or 25-man runs all include tanks who are appropriately aggressive (not sloppy fast, but not careful crawling).

3) Coordinated AFK time. This one is partly the responsibility of the Raid Leader and partly on the shoulders of the raiders. At the beginning, the RL should give a very brief mission statement for the evening, even if its painfully obvious what you're here to do. I routinely started off raids with "We've got X hours planned tonight. The goal is to clear X, Y, and Z. We will take a break close to [time], or after we kill [boss], so limit AFK's. No linking damage meters during the raid, we measure success by dead bosses, not barcharts." I just liked to throw the last part in there to make a point. My guild got tired of hearing it after a few months, but we always had a few random PuG's or a new guildie or someone who would benefit from it.