Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plays well with others

Last night, Feudkiller (Jay from Fuzzy Soup) and Daxynn got together to finish off some quests in Ghostlands and run RFC and SFK.

The quests were mostly done by the time we teamed up, so for most of the evening, we were in instances.

I wanted to do RFC for a Pally quest and to gauge how well we'd do together in an easy instance. Ok, mostly, how *I* would do holding all the mobs and taking all the damage.

It turned out, I did very well (IMAO). I tried to keep targeting different mobs for my Judgments and stuns and Exorcisms (when applicable) as well as keeping Consecrate up for multimobs.

We only had trouble with Arugal due to the Mind Control, and me not realizing that for Lay on Hands, I had to click it, then click on myself (I thought it was self cast if a party member wasn't targeted). I died.

Then, it was pretty funny watching Jay take Arugal on...get MC'd, and then the boss would reset (to full health too). Then....after coming out of MC, Jay would aggro the boss and the whole thing would replay. Finally, I told Jay to just run out, reset the boss and rez me.

That finally worked to get us back to square one. For the next attempt, he put up shadow protection aura and I ran Retribution aura. And we both DPS'd the boss. He went down pretty easily that time.

There's still some loot that I'd like to get from SFK, but we won't have to go all the way to the end for it. I'm thinking just make it to the rare spawn (which we saw last night, but dropped a 2H sword instead of my chestpiece) and call it good.


Deathrender said...

I'm cool with running SFK again if needed. We know we can handle the place so I'm not too worried about it.

Like I said, I'm interested in you leveling up so we can take on some harder stuff.

Morane said...

There's an option that allows beneficial casts such as healing and buffs to be auto-self-cast if a friendly target is not selected.

Alternatively hold 'alt' while clicking the ability, that's default self-cast.