Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, which one first?

Assuming that I get everything done before WotLK comes out, which 'toon am I going to level to 80 first? Each of my characters have compelling reasons....

Daxe, my Holy Priest, is going to be my inscriptionist. Assuming that tailoring will still be a must for clothies, I can probably level his Inscription to max without leveling him and level his tailoring by feeding him cloth from a hunter. Daxe will probably not be first.

Daxie, my other Holy Priest, is my jewelcrafter. Assuming the same stuff as Daxe, I can't see Daxie being the first to 80 either.

Rysteranch, my Hunter, is my leatherworker/skinner. This is the best geared hunter that I have and can easily blow through the first couple of levels. Unfortunately, leatherworking is not as useful as it was pre-BC, so I'm not sure if he should be first. On a side note, this is my favorite hunter, so I may pick him for sentimental reasons.

Dwarfvader, another Hunter, is my miner/engineer. The hunter has a very good reason for getting to 80 first - his professions. He is able to supply my other two hunters with ammo and possibly weapons.

Smoochie, another Hunter, is my herbalist/alchemist. This hunter also has a very good reason for getting to level 80 - HER professions. She would be able to provide elixers/potions/whatevers to ALL of my toons.

Of course....none of this factors in leveling another hunter for enchanting.....

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