Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Monday Morning Hunter Update

...on Tuesday. Oh, yeah, I had yesterday off, so no update.

RysteranchNE got his first bit of T4 (as noted last Friday) and went to ZA as well as Gruul's. I didn't get much done in Gruul's except incur some wife aggro..whoops! And I had been doing so good as of late in that area.

RysteranchTR hit 65 some time last week...and remains there.

Daxen is now 33. Yeah, I guess I've been playing her a lot. Mining is up to 181 or so and Jewelcrafting is at 118. Man that JC leveling stinks.

Daxe has left Anvilmar and made her way to Ravencrest.

HEY, HOW'D THAT PRIEST GET IN HERE???? THIS IS A HUNTER UPDATE!!!! shesh, impertinent priests!

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