Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "more later"

Yes, Smoochie hit the big five eight last night and made her way through the Dark Portal. I still have some Oldlands stuff to do - namely First Aid (259) and Cooking (285), but after tonight, I should be in Outlands full time. I have the cloth to get to 300 First Aid and am poised to head to Silithus for those last 15 Cooking points.

An interesting side note is that I was able to level my Herbalism to 375 without picking a single herb in Outlands. That's right, I leveled Herbalism solely in Oldlands! Now, I didn't just grind the skill, but I did go out of my way a couple of times to pick some flowers. So, for the most part, I leveled it while I was attaining my character levels.

I also got my Alchemy up to around 310 or so. I can't wait to get some Felweed and make some cool pots! That Onslaught pot looks pretty sweet!

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