Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More prep work

So far, Smoochie is averaging a level a day, which is what I was hoping (yeppers, dinged 45 last night). I also engaged in some spoiler activity (WotLK spoiler alert for my faithful reader) in scoping out Inscription.


Ok, now that I've chased away all of my readers, I'll jot down a note or two.

It turns out that Inscription will most likely pair with Herbalism, as it takes combinations of herbs to make the different inks (as of yesterday anyways). If nothing changes, it also looks like it will take combos of 4 or so different herbs, which means that the Herbalism market should get a significant bump due to Alchemists getting some demand competition.

I'm glad that I rolled an Herbalist now instead of later! Since I read that, I've started hording herbs (all of them) in anticipation of a bull market soon after WotLK is released. I don't think it will start the day that it is released, but certainly by that weekend, the market should show a significant upward trend as players flush with cash start leveling Inscription.

In order to store all of these Herbs, I finally created a guild for my bank toon. I've purchased one tab and will likely purchase one or two more before Nov. 13th.

I think that Inscription is going to do for Herbalism what Jewelcrafting did for Mining - namely, the market will see a big spike that will last for month or two and then settle down to a higher level than today. Yes, we will see a lot more Herbalists, but I don't think that they will provide an even counter to the demand.

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