Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Raiding...again

First of all, let me apologize for misspeaking in my last post. It seems that although Daxe and Daxie have both been to ZA, Rysteranch had not...until last night that is.

So, last night, Rysteranch the NE became a ZA raider, and I got to see my first ZA boss go down. We had three tries on the boss before the timer expired, and unfortunately didn't get it done. We did eventually kill him even though we were tankless at 2%.

We went on to the eagle boss. The first time through the gauntlet (yeah, we did it later in the evening too...), we did a great job! We had no deaths! That gave us about three tries on the eagle dude, and we all learned a lot about the fight. After respawns, we cleared the gauntlet again and tried two more times before the raid was called. Our best attempt got him down to 37%, and next week, I think we're going to him first, so LOOK OUT!!

As far as my place on the damage meters, I thought our awesome Ret Pally was going to give me a run for my money for first place after the first couple of pulls. I settled into my button mashing routine, though, and soon I was topping the meter. I ended up providing 19% of the raid's damage and remained the number one damage dealer.

Thursday is Kara, so I'm hoping to get those last 6 badges that I need for the 100 badge legs. Of course it will suck gemming and armor kitting them, but they should be a significant upgrade to my D3 Beast Lord legs.

And, on a sad note, it appears that Deathrender has deleted his blog..../cry.

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