Friday, September 26, 2008

Closer and closer

Last night Smoochie gained two levels to 48 and should hit that magical level 50 before Monday. This means I need to get my Alchemy up to at least 275 so I can train as soon as I hit 50.

It has been a nice thing to have my Herbalism cap raised to 375 as I've been getting skill points off some of the herbs I've been picking. It would be nice to have the same thing for Alchemy - getting skill points above 300 with Oldlands recipes.

Hmmm....That gets me thinking.....I could get some nice skill points above 375 by collecting the mats for a couple of Outlands items and waiting until WotLK to make them. (As an aside, I did read a good strat like this for leveling - complete 25 quests in Outlands, but don't turn them in until after installing WotLK)

So, I may have some gathering/hording to do before WotLK of other mats....

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