Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Productive night

Nno, not provocative!....Productive!

Last night, Smoochie did well in her quest to catch up to my 70's.

She attained level 44.

She got her Herbalism to 300 and picked up the new cap to 375 at Honor Hold.

She killed not one, but TWO rare spawns in Swamp of Sorrows. And, yes, one of them was a level 45 elite that she took down at level 43 (have I mentioned that I love hunters?). One of the rares dropped a level 40 green quality plate "of the Bear" helm...oh yeah!

She opened up a chest and lo and behold, "Heaven's Light", a level 40 blue quality one hand mace was in it! I sold it for 160 gold!

Not bad....not bad!

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