Monday, July 14, 2008


I did a little PvP on Sunday to add to my totals and ended up with:

Honor: ~4850
Kills: >700
Loot: Alliance "fear break" trinket (2805 honor)
WSG Battles: ~27
WSG Wins: 2
AB Battles: 2
AB Wins: 0
PvP gear hitpoints: 5000

If I started the battle at the beginning, then I usually placed #1 or #2 in at least one of the Honor Kills/Killing Blows/Damage Done categories. I always left on Offense and usually went to the hot spots. If there was fighting going on, I tried to be there for it.

I did try to slow/stun/kill flag carriers as I ran across them, but for the most part, my self appointed role was to kill or hinder the Horde forces as much as I could. After a number of battles, I found that I had made a name for myself and started getting targeted much

My PvP spec included Scattershot, which is essential for me doing well. Can you PvP as a Hunter without it? Sure. Would I want to? Not on your life! That thing is irreplaceable in WSG, in my opinion.

'lock just about to pop fear? Scattershot
Rogue got you stunlocked? Trinket + Scattershot
Flag Carrier spotted? Scattershot
Kiting that warrior? Mix in Scattershot

I always tried to stay at range, so strafing and kiting were the order of the day. I rarely got the chance to stand still and pewpew. I tried to use Viper Sting (mana drain) more and more, but found myself automatically hitting Serpent Sting (health drain). I soon found out that not only are manaless Pallies = dead Pallies, but also, manaless AnyClass = dead AnyClass. Of course, I also felt that if I died and still had mana, then I just didn't do enough.

And a little more preening: To the Troll warrior that I kited and killed 2 times in a row.....don't stop to try to kill my pet. I was able to do the same thing to this poor lad right in front of the Horde base around the big tree. I got going in a strafing circle around the tree, sic'd PuddyTat on him and used CC shot, Scattershot, Serpent Sting, and Arcane Shot to kill him. When it looked like he wasn't going to reach me, he stopped to kill PuddyTat; unfortunately, I have this little spell called Mend Pet....After the second time, I went off to join another battle and found that this guy was gunning for me the rest of the battle. He still couldn't kill me alone, but several times, he had some friends along, and I went down.

And a little humble pie: There was one particular BE Rogue that was awesome! I killed her one or two times because I caught her at range and was able to kite her, but if she got close to me (and my trinket was on C/D), I was toast! I got the Webster's version of stunlocked. And, of course, I couldn't leave her alone, so I was gunning for her every time I saw, who says PvP doesn't have an aggro table....


Graimerin said...

I had a alliance rogue that was like that. I remember one time in wsg running along with FC 3 horde jumped me before FC. Figured ahh just making the FC an easier kill. Well it turned out that whenever Carack was sighted in that bg he had KOS over his head. I guess topping killing/blows kills for about 4-5 bg in a row that day annoyed someone. Great job if the were killing you on sight. As a dps in bg's if thery are targeting you great job. Sounds like you great time.

Daxenos said...

It doesn't help that I have a more distinct name -

And, yes, I did have a blast!! The only times I really minded dying was when my opponent was at 1-2%. Even then, I mentally tipped my hat to them and smiled at their obvious skill in playing.

Deathrender said...

Not a bad weekend of murderin' eh? Sounds like you had good times! Seems like you're easing yourself back into it with WSG and AB battlegrounds? I'm a fan of AB myself. WSG is ok if I can get the other Horde members into a "Pain Train".

Anyways, seems like you're on a roll. Should be AB weekend coming up. Gonna head back into it or dabble with EOTS and AV? If you're looking for straight honor, AV is the way to go. It certainly is a "target rich" environment with plenty of people to blow up. :)