Thursday, July 10, 2008


Anyone who knows me is very cognizant of the fact that I hate PvP. A long time ago, and a whole server and faction away, Rysteranch the Troll was a Warsong Gulch junkie. I spent nearly a month grinding out honor and tokens for the level 49 welfare epics.

My spec really had no focus (mostly MM), I had no guidance on playing my class, and I did a fair amount of dying.

However...I did learn, if not about specs, about WSG PvP. I was also good enough to top the damage done, honor kills, and killing blows totals on one occasion.

And now, with DV's survival spec, I was wondering just how I would do in a BG. I'd have to get in there at 59 so that I'm not totally blown away by people with godlike resilience. I'd also have to significantly up my stamina, at least at the beginning, until I figured things out. Hmmm, need to research some specs......

.....and seriously get over dying....

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