Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fishing quest - PWNED!

Sure, last night, we put a pox on Ulda...ho hum. I think we sharded all the blues and only got one upgrade someone's gear. No wipes and only one hairy moment where I accidentally aggroed a group after Harisan had already gathered up a bunch...whoops. But we lived, and I didn't learn any

After the instance, though, we had set up to do the fishing quest together. At each of the different locations, we ended up spending about 10 minutes waiting for someone to catch their stinkin' fish. In Swamp of Sorrows, that someone was me, and I know that Madja and Wara each got a turn at being the hold up. The crappy (haha, get it?) part of it was that my fish weren't getting away, so lures had no effect on the drop rate. meh, oh well.

We're looking ahead to ZF now and have gathered up the quests for at least the first half of the instance. It stinks that the mallet is not easily attainable for level 41 toons, so I think we'll be making at least two trips in there with maybe a trip to Mara in between.

And, that said, we're still looking for a challenge. The problem is that if the mobs are too far above our level, the resists are too much, and if the mobs are our level, we just devastate them. I realize that these beginning instances won't have the more complex/interesting pulls, so I need to be patient. I'm sure we'll find a challenge out there, even if it's Ramparts.....

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