Wednesday, July 30, 2008

12 days

Teurion and VA left the guild last night; they had been a part of Sidhe Devils for 12 days. The guild they went to (Blood for Blood) is one of our allied guilds and, frankly, is a much better fit for Teurion.

This development will change nothing for me, as they both transferred over to Kael'thas to play with me, and not necessarily to be a part of Sidhe Devils. So, in that aspect, there's no big issue with not fitting in at SD. And BBB expressed serious concerns about the fit after the very first instance run that we did with them.

I also think that BBB and Teurion got off on the wrong foot and never did recover from it. They both have their own ideas about how things should be run and are both a little...uh....headstrong about it. Ok, that's just sugar coating it, but, meh... I also think that them both having significant experience as GMs, Raid Leaders, and tanks caused a lot of the friction; kind of like putting two Alpha dogs together in one of the dog's home turf. It wasn't gonna turn out well...

Of course, I see that now, but didn't see it before.../meh again. It doesn't change anything for me - I'll still run with them; in fact I will still prefer to run with them and will pick them over my own guildies. Why? Because I love the way Teurion tanks. I love the military feel to the runs that he coordinates - the killing machine speed runs - the no CC just DPS the heck outta the mobs style - the aggro half the instance and kill the mobs before the healer runs out of mana adrenalin rushes. That's the game I like playing.

And yes, I can deal with CC and can chain trap with the best of them. I can refrain from using Multi-Shot every time the cool down is up. I can play that particular game as well; it's just that I prefer to just provide Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS (I averaged over 800 for the H. Slave Pens run last night).

So, there you have it. A little guild drama...but not really. I'm not planning on going anywhere.

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