Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes, last week, I was on vacation, so no blog posts...well, very little blog posts. And where did I vacation? Azeroth! My wife was away visiting her friend (having girl time...ew), one son was in Oklahoma visiting relatives, and the other was in YMCA day camp. Woot for free time!

I'm still debating on how to update you all on the progress of my toons, because I know you are so very interested. For now, I'll just give you the highlights.

Dwarfvader is 55, respec'd Survival, and is LOVING Wyvern Sting.

Rysteranch dinged Exalted with CE and Sha'tar, ran Steamvaults a billion times, and still has no Beast Lord shoulders.

Daxie went to Kara, tried to tank Maiden, wiped the raid, and generally irritated BBB. Good Job.

Daxe dinged Exalted with SSO...hohum.

Daxynn teamed with Healifeelie (and sometimes Wulfi) to take down SFK and part of BFD. Three man FTW!

There ya go. Now that THAT is written down, I don't have to bore you with more details. Let's see, survival specs...survival specs.....ah there we go.


Eustashius said...

oooo! survival! I'll have to hit you up in game to see more about it... Eustacius (the hunter) might play copycat :-).

Healiefeelie said...

I should be on Wednesday and the rest of the week...I want to take BFD down baby!

Daxenos said...

I'm still playing around with the spec, which will probably cost me quite a bit more in gold as I figure out how to balance the way I play with the talents that are available.

Already, I see that I don't pop Deterrence that often, so that talent point can be used elsewhere.

Stupid Mage said...

Something you probably knew about already but figured I should share.