Thursday, July 24, 2008

The one where Rysteranch brags

So, last night, Teurion, VA (Teurion's Healy wife), and Rysteranch took on regular Shattered Halls. We asked in GChat and our ally channels if anyone wanted to do the Heroic, but nobody was interested. We then asked if anyone was interested in the regular, but got the same response.

So, we were about to PuG two DPS, when I suggested we try to three man it. They were up for it (and we all hate PuGs....), so we proceeded to take pulls....and pull......and pull.....before we knew it, we were at the door to the first boss. Unfortunately, we couldn't open the door, so we had to go through the slimes.

And we had our first scary moment as Teurion gathered up the mobs, and I DPS'd like mad! Teurion got pretty low on health, but VA did a great job of keeping him up, and I ...uh.....DPS'd like mad!

The first boss was pretty easy; we all knew to move out of the circles so none of us took very much collateral damage. After that, we got quite a bit of confidence that we could actually trio the instance!

The gauntlet was somewhat of a joke, the two headed ogre guy hit like a kitten, and the assassins were easily exposed by Flare and a low level Consecrate. Then suddenly, we were at the last boss, who we dispatched fairly easily despite having him kill VA when he was at 12% or so. Even at that, Teurion didn't have to use his Lay on Hands, although I think he popped his Lucky Pocketwatch.

We only had one other scary moment when we took a pull of the fighting guys, you know, the ones you pull when they're at 50%. And not only did the pull land late and they healed back up to 75% or so, but also, we got 3 adds from somewhere.

Eight....mobs......Holy Crap! I managed to trap one of the adds, and we BURNED THEM DOWN!!! It was pretty exciting, and once again, VA did an excellent job keeping Teurion healed!

So, VA got her rep for her Head Glyph. Rysteranch only needs 13000 more rep for his Nethercobra Armor Kit recipe....OUCH! And we three manned a level 70 instance.

Pretty productive night!


Rarespawn! said...

O_O How is that... possible?

I've done Shattered Halls enough times (three) to know that I never want to touch it again. Ever. /shudder

Daxenos said...

One of the critical things was kill order! I was the only dedicated DPS, but VA also snuck in a Smite or two to help out.

And, of course, Teurion used his CC - Constant Consecration, so the last mob in the order was at least half dead when I targeted it.