Friday, July 25, 2008

Heroic Badge Runs

Last night's badge run didn't turn out the way I wanted.

Firstly, VA, our healer, was out for the evening with an allergic reaction; she's feeling better today, but last night she pretty much slept.

Secondly, we only completed one instance instead of the 3 we had plans to slam through.

Thirdly, while we still completed Slave Pens in a little over an hour, there were at least 3 wipes, some of which were preventable.

We had all of the components for a successful run (and we still got our badges, so it was somewhat successful), but we had some trouble getting our stuff together. I chalk it up to some communication issues, some pride issues, and a little bad luck. Meh, it turned out to be a high order PuG instead of the usual crappy PuG.

So, Teurion and I were talking, and we are on the same page (as well as VA) in that we'd like to put together a team that slams down these badge runs. So far, we haven't had a smooth run since he transferred, and I know that it's really bugging Teurion that he hasn't been able to really show how capable he is. I told him not to worry about it; he'll have plenty of time to tank for people.

I may have said this before, but I'm too lazy to look back in my own archives. We like to keep things moving in an instance. As soon as the last mob in a pull dies, we move to get in range of the next pull, sit and drink, and pull as soon as Teurion has enough mana. We don't use any form of CC. As a DPSer, I blast the crap out of the current target and take very little time to go from 0 to Max DPS on every pull. If Teurion has to drink, then I might as well drink along with him! And pulling with half mana is not unheard of when we are on our killing sprees.

Is it exciting? You bet your boots, Granny!
Is it fast? Uh....YEAH!!
Is it fun? I have the most fun in an instance when I am able to open up on the mobs with no fear of getting clobbered. Yes, it is most definitely fun! (As a side note, I love healing on these runs as well! It's more of a "Holy crap, I healed him through that!!" sort of fun)

But these types of runs aren't for everybody (and I am not singling anyone out; don't you dare assume anything!). The fast pace, the huge pulls, and the quick thinking needed sometimes put people off as not enjoyable. I can definitely see where the pressure cooker environment would be too much for some people, and I have no problem with someone saying that it's not for them. We're all different (No two people are not on fire), and we all have different ideas about what is enjoyable in the game (Fran could play linebacker for the Raiders).

And so, as we continue to put together these badge runs, we'll see who likes them, who wants to "CRANK IT UP" with us, and who would rather not. One thing we have to make sure is that the group is on the same page, and like I said, they're not for everybody, but they sure are for

(So, hopefully I worded this in such a way to not offend anyone who does not like the pressure of fast Badge Runs. I see it as something different about the game, much like some people like PvP and others can't stand it. One is not a lesser or greater person because of their personal likes/dislikes regarding PvP or badge runs or any other aspect of the game, and I hope that is the attitude that I have conveyed. /disclaimer off)


Doodle said...

I would probably like it on Doozie... but esp. with a druid healing a pally tank, it got a little hairier than I'm normally comfortable with. If we had slowed down /just a tad/ we'd have avoided those wipes. Like you said, I think there was some communication issues. I would be up to doing it again some time, though I think a third ranged DPS would be better than a second pally.

Anonymous said...

I am up for some speed runs on my hunter Karedas (esp with a no cc paly tank). Like you said unleashing the MQoSRDPS without having to worry about pulling aggro is awesome fun.