Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yep, I went ahead and leveled DV to 60. I did it mostly by leveling my cooking and grinding on Shattered Hand mobs for Honor Hold rep. Now, I wouldn't mind running Shattered Halls over and over again at 70 to grind out the rep to Exalted, but since I'm really in no hurry to go anywhere, I figured I'd get the most out of killing for rep before starting the questing process.

...But I did cheat a bit. I picked up the "Through the Dark Portal" quest line and took it all the way to Trollbane. That was about 850 rep. The reason I did that was I didn't know if that would still give rep at Friendly; yes, I suppose I could have looked it up.....meh.

So, I have 110 more Shattered Hand dudes to kill before I can start on the Honor Hold quests; luckily, Shrinnpoof the Mage has been helping me out as my bodyguard and all around badass! Big Ole Fireball + Concussive Shot FTW!!

Anyways, after dinging 60, I became eligible for CE rep turn ins for unidentified plant parts, of which I had 221. Our Guild bank had quite a bit more, so I put in a request for 139 of them so I can ding Honored with those guys. Now that is really worth doing as my Glyph of Ferocity will be attainable much sooner.

Also, at 60, the Survival spec really starts to shine. My trap cooldown is 24 seconds and my traps last for 26 seconds. So, if the trap doesn't break early, then I can keep a mob on ice all....day.....long! And even if it does break early, I have Readiness, Concussive shot, and can kite fairly well.

And, so, I think the BG's will have to wait a bit. Or maybe not, we'll see. Since I've gotten over dying, maybe I won't put it off....


Shrinn said...

Hey There Dax! Thanks for the nod :) Anytime, brother! Was fun playing bodygaurd! :D

Daxenos said...

And to think: We only have 110 more of these dudes to kill!! Woot on us!

Shrinn said...

WEll, we got you almost there. Ever figure out why ur one point away? i cant remember....& since that is the case, im sure it's something tiny & dumb! lol! See ya in Azeroth :)