Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Epic hats

Over the weekend, both of my hunters got some epic hats. Daxe gathered all of the mats for Dwarfvader to craft his epic engineering goggles, which he can put on next level (62); and Rysteranch got his last few badges for the Warpstalker Helm, which is all gemmed and glyphed and ready for use.

In other news, it took 40 primal manas, but Daxie finally got her jewelcrafting up to 375 and picked up several of the Isle of QD recipes. It will be pretty easy to max out this skill at 380 (Draenai, FTW) due to cutting several of the epic gem recipes from the Isle.

Daxynn is level 31 now and has a shiny FREE mount. She's been duoing Gnomer with her healer, Healifeelie. We never did make it all the way to the last boss, but took down all of the other bosses with just the two of us. I'm getting a good idea of what Pally tankin' is all about and really enjoying it.

And lastly, Teurion (formerly Turion) the Pally Tank hit the ground running on Friday as he, his healing wife, me, BBB and his stabby stabby wife went to HMech. We were not all on the same page. See, Teurion, his wife, and I were thinking speed run, but we didn't communicate that to BBB and Cassie. So at the end of the run, there were some very concerned whispers regarding what went on, some mis perceptions, and how the new folks were going to fit in.

In the end, Teurion and BBB ended up talking it out, and hopefully, everything is resolved. I, for one, enjoyed the heck out of the run. It was relatively quick, just a few wipes, and 4 badges. What more could I ask for? Oh, yeah, and I got to blast the crap out of everything!

So, in the future, I'm sure we'll do a lot more of these "seek and destroy" type Badge assaults, but we'll have to make sure that the other two DPSers that we bring along are on the same page.

Oh, and tonight....is POXING!!!1

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Deathrender said...

Poxing you say!? Perhaps now you'll toss me that list of enchants your toon can do. ;)Vul dinged last night so I'll be on him getting stuff trained up and cleaned up and all that jazz..