Thursday, August 23, 2007

ZG, shammys, and me

So, the regular group didn't work out last night, so I responded to a buddy's invite to raid Zul'Gurub. Now, I've never been in a raid, which is the reason I decided to go, and just getting a summons proved to be difficult. I should have known right then that it wasn't gonna be pretty.

But, I was in (and I had dragged my new friend Neya the Shammy in as well) and figured I'd might as well see what it was like. I'm sure my friend and his cohorts were thinking, "Hey we're 70's, we should be able to take this down like Wailing Caverns." Wrong.

From what I've read, ZG was a 25 man raid before B/C. That's 25, level 60, totally geared out, raiding veterans. What do we have? 25, level 60-70, outland geared, raiding noobs. And it showed. Several of us had never been to the instance and had no idea of what to expect, while others charged ahead and started beating on things with no regard to coordination. No big deal with the trash, but on the first boss, people started dying, someone aggroed the boss and ran out of a certain area, which made the boss reset. It wasn't pretty.

The raptor boss went a little better. People still died, but the tanks held aggro pretty well. Then came the spiders. Wipe. No problem, one of the priests got away. He starts rezzing.....aaaand aggros the spiders again. Wipe. The raid starts losing members. I rez at the spirit healer and leave. What a waste of

On the plus side, Neya and I did a number of quests together in Terokkar and Zangarmarsh and are developing a good symbiotic relationship. In fact, we took down a lvl 64 elite, with adds. Neya is only 62, so I thought it was a big deal!

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