Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On hitting 65 and other nonsense

Well, I finally hit 65 last night. As a Holy/Disc priest, I find leveling to be quite tedious outside of instances. It seems to take forever to kill mobs.

So, last night, I saw a little lvl 62 shammy taking on the Bonelashers (64-65) and the tree things in Terrokar (Auch). I had already completed my killing spree on the birdies, but I hadn't finished killing the wood mites from the trees. Short story, we teamed up, finished three quests. It was a nice easy time of healing her and adding DPS.

After dinner, I got on again and saw a level 66 mage headed out toward the Tomb of Light. I whispered him and asked if he'd like to team up. You betcha, was his reply. We nuked the ethereal beings and then went off to find some big bird. Didn't find it, but leveled along the way.

So, tonight is Slave Pens with my regular group. We'll see how it goes. I got a new Renew, PW: Shield, and another spell.

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