Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ramparts take II

PuG'd a Ramparts run on Saturday. This was the first time I was group leader, and I did ok. I learned a little about specific fights, and we did a lot of pulling groups back to a cleared area and beating the snot out of them.

Group make up: 1 mage (60), 1 warrior (59), 1 pally (60), 1 Shammy (60ish), and your's truly (64).

We wiped, before the final boss, two times. And the self rezzing shammy was a godsend. So, the first wipe was when one of the NPC "released the hounds", and we didn't realize he was going to do so. Wipe. The second happened when we got to the circular platform and pulled one side, but both came. CC kept getting broken...Wipe.

After that, we pulled small groups and pummeled them. Downed 2nd boss, no problem. Then the final boss. Wipe.....wipe.....and.....wipe. Tank couldn't hold aggro and when he did, I couldn't heal him fast enough.

No phat lewtz.

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