Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, last night, I got a tell from a former guildie who wanted to know if I'd heal Ramparts with a PuG(Pick up Group).

Uh, sure. I was just questing in Terrokar and was debating whether to smack around some fel orc peons or tear apart Tuurem looking for some box/crate/whatever for Mr. "I'm Scared of Green Moths" Druid.

So, off to Ramparts I go. After some summoning games, we're off! Level 60 'lock, warrior, mage, level 61 rogue, and your's truly, level 63 priest.

First pull: Sap one, pull the other. So, ya know how you wait for the pat to leave before pulling? Well, we didn't. No problem, we have a MT right? Well, it's looking like.....the rogue is....uh, tanking???? Yep, got aggro like a big dog and didn't let go. Ok, time for Invincible Rogue of Death (IRoD), which is my little term for a shielded rogue. 8-P Now, I don't generally like doing this as rogues as a group think they're invincible without shielding and this only encourages them.

Aaaaaaanyway, downed the first two with the pat; got the disorganized pull out of our system! Next one goes a little smoother, wait for the pat to leave, pull the two onto the bridge, and voila! dead meat. Ok.

Now, in two pulls, I'm noticing some bad trends. The rogue and 'lock minion are getting aggro quite a bit, I have no idea when to heal a 'lock's pet, and the tank doesn't seem too interested in being a meat shield.

Pull #3 (nice variety in listing pulls....8-P): Wait for the pat to go away and deal with the group just to the right of the bridge. Casters....ick. Priest gains the attention of one of them and fades. Tank doesn't see it or doesn't care and 10 seconds later, I have aggro again, only this time fade is on cooldown. Crap. Shield, renew self. Heal, heal, heal. Well, lookit that! I'm a big whitish/blue thing with wings!!! Heal, heal, get asked if I want to use a soulstone. I see that the fight is not going to result in a wipe, so I say, "Sure!". I watch as the mage tanks the last mob while everyone is beating on it.

So......I make the innocuous comment, "That would have been a great time to taunt the mob off the mage." To which our intrepid Tank replies, "I've got to go."

Thank goodness.

So, now we have no Tank. The 'lock's minion(something with a big axe) has not been the best tank (before you post, I know absolutely nothing about 'locks or the interaction between them and their underlings). One of the party says they might be able to get a pally. I whisper my friend, a 67 DPS warrior, and ask if he's interested in tanking. He lol's and says, invite me!

OK. Now we're cooking with gas! First thing our new MT does is start marking mobs: star = sap, moon = sheep. Alrighty now! Pull, kill, pull, kill. We slowly make our way to the first boss. MT dies once, whoops! But DPS is good enough to finish the job, and I rez the MT with the sincerest apologies.

1st boss goes down easily. Fast forward to the entrance from the hall to the big round platform.
Tip: There are guards stationed just outside the doorway. If you pull a pat, they come with!

And pull a pat we did! 6 on 5...uh, oh. "Don't panic", yells the MT, and I start a renew on him. The miracle was that no one else drew aggro. All of the mobs were focused on the MT, I was chain spamming Greater Heal, and everyone else was DPSing like mofos. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, and....DEAD! Down they went, and we all let out a collective "WOOOOOT!" It was on!

From that point on we rocked. Small groups pulled and pummeled. 2nd boss went down easily and off we go to the big guy. Keelhaul the pair on the front of the bridge; smoke the pair on the other side of the bridge (got a 4442 healing crit on that pull!). Ok, dufus is dropping from his ride and taking us on.

Not much to write about the final two bosses. Tried to stay out of the fire (the 'lock didn't and died), kept renew going and greater heals on the MT, and threw renews on everyone else. I need to research what these other nifty spells are so I might be able to use them (circle of healing being at the top of the list; I spent the talent point, why am I not using this???).

So, after a slow start, we got to rocking and actually did very well. Sorry I can't link the PHAT LEWTZ, as I don't remember what we got and can't access any good WoW sites from work.

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