Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A dilemma and other misspelled words

Hmmmm.....what to do, what to do. I leveled Daxenos to 59 as Holy (with 5 points in Spirit tap to make it more bearable) and got my buttkis kicked in outlands. So, I respecced Shadow and MELTED SOME FACES!!!!111!!!!ONE!!!!ELEVENTYONE! Man I love that spec!!!

But my healing stunk. And, I was running instances with a regular 4-man group as the only healer. I did ok as a healing Shadow priest, but I often ran OOM and depended heavily on Vampiric Embrace? (the one that gives health for shadow damage) and a renew to heal. Of course, I'm trying to DPS the crap out of the mobs with shadow damage to provide healing and it's no surprise that I drew aggro quite a bit. /sigh.

So, I respecced as 41 point Holy/ remainder Shadow. It's good for healing, and so so for soloing. It takes quite a long time to kill a mob, but at least I have Shadow Word: Death for those whimps that run crying to their little mommies.

Now, I'm looking ahead to end-game and wondering if I should respec again and leave this toon to be my instance healer, while I level my Shadow priest (level 16 at the moment). I'm close to 64, so for sure, I'll ding that today or tomorrow soloing.

My worry is that the group I'm with will advance without me. The MT is already lvl 70, so no worries there. But the 'lock, rogue, and mage (not the ones I played with last night in Ramparts) are all around my level.

I guess that I'm going to have to put in some solo time with my current spec....but, DANG that Shadow spec is fun!

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