Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OOMana Tombs

Last Friday I got into a PuG for Mana Tombs. Everyone was 67 or higher except me (64). Group make up was 4 squishies (2 'locks, 1 mage, and your's truly) and a warrior.





We wiped on a trash pull gone bad, but took down every boss easily. Unfortunately, on the escort quest, we lost a 'lock, and he was unable to complete the quest. Other than that, goodness all the way around!

Got a nice pair of boots from the last guy and a schweet pair of pants as a quest reward. I got one red gem from the run (tank cut it for +healing) and the tank gave me two more after the run was complete, so the pants are socketed with 3 +healing gems. Very nice!

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