Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alt-itis and other fine Indian cuisine

So, Dax is halfway to 67, with the blue xp indicator for the rest of level 66. But, I have alt-itis, and while I know there are 12 step programs and special clinics for people like me, I refuse to go.

Daxie dinged 34 last weekend, and Rysteranch hit the big five oh. Rysteranch was working on rest xp and got the level done in one evening (approx 4 hours played). Two of the hours were with a warrior buddy in Tanaris, and the rest was solo in the Blasted Lands.

Dax is still partnering with Neya, but he wasn't on yesterday and was busy the day before. Tonight is supposed to be instance night, but our tank's days off changed, and I think we'll either punt or try to PuG one. Some of our alts are getting to interesting levels (mid 30's to 40's), so maybe I'll suggest an alt instance. The problem with it, is no healers. Daxie is specced shadow, and I will NOT respec her just for an instance run. We have a two druids, but one is only in her 20's (and I think has very little healing experience) and the other is in her mid 30's, which is good, but she hasn't been on at instance time. Of course, if either of them showed an interest in healing a guild instance run, I would be all over it. But I don't know if either of them want to be responsible for healing a group as the sole healer.

I guess our guild has two halves. The higher level players in Outlands and a bunch in the 30's/40's. One of my struggles has been having a burn to level Dax, which meant I left the others behind and then, seeing I had left them behind, I leveled Rysteranch, but passed them cause they took a two week hiatus to move. Finally, my warrior guildie has caught up to Rysteranch, but that doesn't help the healer situation. /sigh. Now Daxie has almost caught up to the other co-leader's mage and druid, which is cool, cause we can play together again!

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