Friday, August 31, 2007

If it wasn't'd be some other day....

We take dings when ever we can get 'em. So, in light of that, PuddyTat dinged the big five Oh last night. I immediately trained him with Growl (level bazillion) and Natural Armor (I forget which one). Now to wait for more training points.

In other 'toon news, Rysteranch (PuddyTat's pet) is over halfway to 51 and doing well with Gerwintassle the Tank and absent Guild co-leader. We tore up the blasted lands lookin' for basilisk brains and vulture gizzards. Is it just me or shouldn't all of these animals have these essential parts? About 1 in 3 basilisks have brains! Who knew?! As far as gizzards are concerned, 80% of the vultures in the Blasted Lands are either genetically deficient or had that organ removed in elective surgery. Our unelective surgery only produced about 1 gizzard in 5 vultures. Meh, it's all xp, right?

Daxenos (aka Dax) knocked out some quests in Terrokar with Neya. Now, I have two main times I play: right after work until dinner time (~2 hours) and after dinner to bed time (~3 hours). Anyway, Neya and I hooked up for the first session, and I really wanted to play with him the second session just cause I'd like to get to 70 and soloing with a Holy priest - let's all say it together - sucks. But, despite assurances that he'd be on, he wasn't.

Gerwintassle quit on me around 8:30, and Neya wasn't on. Dang! Well, off to Desolace and STV with Daxie. Collected some Hatefury parts, some Snapjaw Croc parts, and some shiney objects from geologists. Then, put the smackdown on some elder STV tigers and Lashtail Raptors. She's almost to 35. It's amazing how fast these lower levels go, lol.

Slow night for the guild, Kat and Myk weren't on, Mal had to work, Ditch & Jow weren't on, and Rip has probably been working late...again. Hannah showed up for a little bit, but then I had to log. The other night we had 7 on at one time! I do believe that is the current record census. One of the reasons Gerwintassle is AFG (away from guild) is to check out a big guild and see how it is. His main reason for leaving is he was having trouble leveling. Now that he and I are the same level, AND I'm helping him, I wonder if he'll come back. I think he really likes the guild he's in and switching back will be difficult, if not highly unlikely.

I like my guild. We are growing very, very slowly. In fact, one might say not at all. As GM, I would like to screen people before inviting them. This helps to avoid the loot ninjas and the "I have no control at home, so I'm a total jerk on this game snot nosed little kid" types. The down side is I have to keep my eyes open for unguilded people and then strike up a convo with them. But, then again, the tradeoff is soliciting in /2 trade and getting Mr. "I've been in 18 guilds in the last 5 days, what can you do for me?". No problem, I'll continue doing as I have been doing.

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