Friday, August 17, 2007

Some musings

While we all can appreciate the sight of a sweaty man in a ruffly pirate shirt, what is less common is the love for a near miss road kill.

We've all been there - in the dark, doing 40 mph or so, and from the shadows comes the gank. This time it was a raccoon, and as he realized the predicament he was in, he thought he could beat Melissa on the angle. He was wrong.

Now, I've make some roadkill, seen some roadkill, and maybe even eaten some roadkill, but I think this it the first time I've given a critter a glancing blow, if you can call running into the sidewall of a tire a glancing blow. I have every expectation that when I go home from work that I will not see that particular 'coon's guts strewn across the roadway.

Do I feel good about this? I'm glad Melissa doesn't have some careless mammal's blood splattered on her sleek black paint job. As for the critter....maybe he's a little smarter for the knock in the head.

P.S. If he was dazed by the contact, he could be a meat pancake as I saw another car headed the other way.....

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