Monday, January 6, 2014

Year in review and a run

Yeah, a balmy 70 degrees F here inside Mills' stadium and sleeping facilities.  It's a cool -7 degrees F outside with packed snow on the ground, so as much as I want the title of "Cuh-ray-ze Nutjob", I was unwilling to put in the necessary miles outside to obtain it.  Anyways, I've already told you all that I've biked 4.5 miles in -16 degrees F in Anchorage, so running in -7 would just be gratuitous.

(turn on fancy font)2013 Year in Review(turn off fancy font)
It was a banner year for me and my best year yet.  I set personal records (PR) in all the distances that I raced, including 5K, 5 mile, and half marathon as well as the 1 mile in training.

I ran four half marathons and ended with my fastest time ever at 2:05:52.  I ran two 5K's and ended with my fastest time ever at 26:19.  My lone 5 mile race clocked in at 45:42.

My total miles for the year was 1308. In 2012, I had 1016, so that is a pretty good increase.

I had some down time due to shin splints, sickness, and vacation.  I also (re)learned that my 5 days/week schedule is perfect for balancing training with what my body can do.  I still don't do well in the summer, but I was able to get in more runs this past summer than in summers past.  (see what I did there?)

So, overall, a great, great year for me in the running dept.  Now if only I could bring the rest of my life up to the same level, I'd be golden!

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