Sunday, December 15, 2013

Most Disappointing PR ever

We're going to start with the ugly. See those two 10ish minute miles at the end?  Yeah, I was sucking.  See that 9:11 minute mile for the 3rd mile?  Yeah, I was overly optimistic.  See the slow decline in speed from mile 4 to the end?  Yeah, I went out too fast.  As you can see, I didn't even make my 9:24 pace...

Moving to the bad, the weather was not very good either.  Just after mile 8, there was a sharp uphill curve that was covered in ice.  Not the nice crunchy ice that has some traction; no, the slick imma gonna bust your butt ice made its appearance.  Thankfully, I didn't fall, but I did slow down a lot. Also, the temp was in the low twenties, but the "real feel" was in the single digits due to the humidity and 9 mph wind.  What kind of place has 22 degrees F and 90% humidity???

Ok, the good:  Well, it was a PR, so I've got that going for me.  I wasn't cold during the run as I correctly guessed what to wear (3 long sleeve shirts, balaclava, santa hat, tights, undies, shorts, two pairs of socks and gloves).  I should have brought my fanny pack water carrier, but I didn't.  Also, like last year's Santa Hustle, I managed my bladder correctly and did not have to stop for a restroom break.

Lessons learned:
1.  If you train for 9:24 minute miles, you need to do at least the first half (HALF!!!  6 MILES!!!) at that pace.  After that, feel free to evaluate and push the pace if you want.

2.  Don't let one euphoric run decide your race pace.  I put too much emphasis on how I felt at the end of that run and allowed it to push my optimism way too far.

3.  Take your stupid water pack with you for races.  If you train with it, which I do, make that water available throughout the race, because those water stations aren't going to be where you need them.

Next run: Thursday 3 easy miles.

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