Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh we're half way there

22 degrees F and sunny for this interval run.  Brrrr!  I wore my running tights (with underwear this time due to them causing chafing last Saturday), my thickest two long sleeve shirts, gloves, balaclava, ear warmer, thick running socks, and shorts over the tights.

I was dressed...appropriately.  I didn't get too cold, but I can't really say I was comfortable.  It wasn't "just right", but it was good enough.  I'm not really sure what I would wear different; maybe add a loose fitting long sleeve shirt because the second long sleeve shirt I wore was a bit tight on the arms with the underarmor type shirt under it.  shrug.

Tomorrow: Supposed to be 8 miles, but I'm pushing it to
Schedule 8 @ 10:27

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