Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Inner Ninja Comes Out!

The temp in Greenwood, according to accuweather.com, is 16 degrees F, with a realfeel(TM) of 0 degrees F.  I thought I had the clothing dialed in:
Head:  stocking cap + ear warmer
Chest: Long sleeve UA shirt with two long sleeve tech shirts over it
Legs: Running undies, tights, shorts.
Feet:  Running socks with thick socks (and running shoes!)
Hands:  Nice gloves from Eddie (Bauer, we're kinda on a first name basis)

After three miles, I had to come back in to add a balaclava, and so, for the next 31 minutes and 49 seconds, I terrorized my neighborhood as a ninja.  A slightly overweight (188 lbs now!!), slow moving (see the pace up there?), middle age ninja, but a ninja nonetheless.

Boooya  hiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!

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