Monday, December 3, 2012

So, a tempo run, huh?

This is the pace that I am planning on running for 13.1 miles on Dec 16th.  Right now, that seems a bit out of reach, but I also have to factor in doing this on one days rest from a 12 mile run on Sat as well as the last week of intense training.  Next week will not be nearly as challenging before my race, and I'll get at least two days rest before Sunday.

This week is a bit of a taper as I only do 38 miles, but the intensity is definitely stepped up.  Tomorrow is a mile interval and two quarters with warm up/cool down miles.  Wed is an easy day with 6 miles at a slightly faster than training pace (10:50).  Thu is 8 miles at a 10:22 pace.  And Sat is 12 miles (5 miles at 11:00, 5 miles at 9:54, and two miles at 11:00.)

Today and Saturday's runs are the ones that worried me the most, so now that this one is in the books, I have a lot more confidence that I can complete Saturday's run at the prescribed paces.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and 70's today!!!  Another temptation to run nekkid, but wisdom won again and I wore short sleeves with my shorts.

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