Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Run, First Run

Last run of the year; first run of my new schedule.  For the next 12 weeks, Monday shall be known as (cue music) "Speed Work Mondays."  You should have read that in the Lost in Space voice or alternately, you could read it in a Darth Vader voice.  Both work.

As you can see, my warmup/cooldown was faster than the schedule, and while I would owe the Hanson brothers 56 pushups (1 pushup for each second faster than the goal) for such an infraction, I'm going to let myself off easy with a warning.  Besides, the pace chart for easy runs is 10:41 to 11:27, so...I'm good to go!

Tomorrow is 4 easy miles.  I should post my pace chart so you all can see what my targets are.  That might be helpful.  Of course, being helpful is the last thing this blog is supposed to be, so there's that...

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