Monday, December 10, 2012

Cool Eight Kinda Faster

I know you're thinking that the title is my DJ name.  It isn't (that would be Def Jiggy Blowfish.)  No, rather, the title describes my run; weird, eh?

It was at the freezing point outside, so I bundled up with two layers of shorts, two layers of shirts, gloves, and ear/head band.  After two miles, I came back in the house and threw on another tech shirt, which turned out to be just perfect.

I'm starting to think about my mini this Sunday; I'm supposed to wear the provided beard, shirt, and hat.  I don't have a problem wearing the shirt, but the other two...I'll have to see them to make that determination.  I might have to pull the beard down into an Amish beard so that I'm not choking on it for 13.1 miles.

As for the hat, I'll have to see if it will come down over my ears just in case it's cold.  Or maybe see if it fits over my headband.  Or my elbow.  I'll let you know more after packet pickup on Saturday.

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