Sunday, September 30, 2012


Here's my scheduled 8 mile run...uh, yeah.  So, I woke up in Gatlinburg, TN intending to run and was very light headed, almost dizzy.  I went back to bed and figured I'd skip it.  Fast forward, after lunch and shopping in Pigeon Forge and fighting the traffic back to our rented condo in Gatlinburg, we decided to check out the fitness center at the BlueGreen place (that's where we were staying.)

I meant to run 8, but with no fan and a tad warm room, and starting at 7 or so, I decided to throw in the towel after three.  Now, I did run from the fitness center back to our condo, which was up a very steep hill about .5 miles.  But overall for the run, I'm going to mark this one, F.

That gives me an F for the week, and I've decided to repeat this week in my training.  I didn't tell you all, but that 5k that I was planning conflicts with our church's men's retreat, so I'm skipping the race.  All of that means, I have an extra week to play with.

Consider it played.

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