Friday, September 7, 2012

Another setback my efforts to lead a more sedentary lifestyle.  On the plus side, this run was over a minute and a half faster than Monday's run.

The cause of all my running failures
I took Denali for the first mile and had to stop at the .34 mile mark for her to do some business.  I also stopped at one mile to put her in the house and grab a drink.

I'm pretty happy with the run.  I was winded at the end (well, wasn't in too good a shape after mile 1, but that's besides the point), but I was glad I maintained pace.

Next week, I go back on eight hour days, so I'll be getting home around 3 pm.  Hopefully the weather has cooled off and I can start getting in some longer runs before I have to fix dinner at 5 pm.  If dinner ain't on the table at 5:30, there had better be a good reason or into the box for the remainder of the evening.

Don't like the box...

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