Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is a paved trail!

This is run was on the paved trail along the street from the hotel.  I added a couple of detours/additional mileage so that I ended up back near the hotel, running down hill for that last mile.

I saw two deer and a fawn (two and a half deer, I reckon, if my math still reflects reality); I'm not sure they saw me as they didn't give chase.  Either that, or by the way I was shuffling along, they thought the zombie apocalypse had started and decided to get out of Dodge.

The first and fourth miles were both up the same hill; it's nice to see I maintain about the same pace whether up or down hills.  I had a "too fast" pace alarm set at 11 min/mile, so I'd back off when I heard the alarm.  The last mile, I tried to keep it in constant alarm state; I'm offensive that way...

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