Monday, September 24, 2012

Papa's got a brand new pair of shoes

I was in Lawrence, MA last week, and as everyone knows, the New Balance factory is there.  In fact, I could see the building just a half mile up the river from where I was being trained (they didn't have to use any waterboarding techniques this time.)  So, after some debating, I bought a pair of shoes that were the same model as my current shoes but in a different color.

Now comes the fun part of breaking them in!  I've decided to do one short run a week in them for a couple of weeks.  Then, when I feel like my old shoes have given me all the life that they can give, I'll toss them aside for a nicely broken-in new pair.

So, the day was beautiful for running: sunny, high 60's, slight wind.  I do like spring and fall running; don't have to get blasted by a face full of heat.  I decided to set my "too fast" alarm at 11 min/mile and make it scream the whole run.  Mission accomplished!

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