Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Honeymoon Continues

I'm sure every runner can relate to the honeymoon period of beginning running: Every race is a PR; every new distance is a world record for me; every training run is just a bit faster.

Well, I'm not sure when my honeymoon period will end, and I'm glad to still be improving. This race, I wore two different tops (my blue under armor and my blue "Running all the way to May" shirt) than the last couple of races. I also wore my running tights, which I think I wore for my Jingle Bell in Dec. And finally, I wore my Chili Pepper socks, which I've worn for all of my races (they're the seeeeeecret....)

During this race, I found out my max heart rate is not 180 (or the 177 that most calculators come up with), but it's 187, which by the calculators, is the max heart rate for a 33 year old. I'm not sure what that means for me, but I'm taking it that heartbeat-wise, I'm 10 years younger, so I should just probably start telling people that I'm 33.

Oh, wait a minute, that means I'll be competing in the younger age bracket; dang it. Another plan foiled...

Aaaaanyways, I'm pretty stoked about my progress. My next race is a 10K on Mar 5th, then a 15K on Apr 9th, another 5K on Apr 16th, and the 500 Festival Mini Marathon on May 6th.

Now if only the weather would let up and I could run outside for the remainder of my training, I'd be a happy camper.


Wulfa said...

My honeymoon phase of running ended about 10 years ago. The problem is that I was 20 pounds lighter and ran much faster than I do nowadays, so I'm probably not going to be making any new PR's. I can't really top myself on distance, either, because I ran marathons back then. I'm annoyed at my younger self!

Rusty said...

Ah, but the upside is that you can set PR's for each different age group that you're in!

Also, I find that I'm more motivated to race within my own age group as I know I'll never catch those youngin's.