Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blah blah blah treadmill blah blah blah

Set the speed for 6 mph and checked out for 30 mins. I've changed my runs for next week to a 4 and a 3 mile distance on the advice of my coach. Yeah, I said it, on the advice of my coach. I'm being schooled!

Speaking of my coach, Michael finally got to get out and run 3 miles today. He's been sidelined with an eye issue since early January. He clocked a 26 minute 5K...yeah, he takes a month off and still blows me away with his speed.

Of course, I'll still have the turkey trot that we did in Ocala - my last 1/10th time was faster than his. Now I get to add to that the fact that I ran more miles than him for the month of January, and he's in Florida!

I'm gaining...a little at a time...but I'm gaining. In about 20 years, I should be able to pull even with him; I'll be 63 and he'll be 84. I could get there faster if I could convince his wife to smack him around a bit with the baseball bat...

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